Spellcheck approved title

Yo soy Tejano.

What does being the Magic Rabbit mean?

I am not, never have been, and never will be a dog.

What is it called when you get evicted? Oh, yeah… Evicted..


There were five revolts against Santa Anna’s rule, he was a cruel dictator and disliked by many.

Daniel Ortega needs to resign.

Salads should be eaten plain, but it’s okay to eat steak with steak sauce. That’s totally different and shouldn’t be compared.

Space is lame, but Antarctica is super cool.

Dropbox has decided to end support for encrypted file systems, in response, I say everyone should end support for Dropbox.

This website might be biased, but Apache is superior in every way to IIS.

It’s amazing how much you can get done when you actually know what you’re doing.

Don’t ever marry an eldest sister.

Unity is a much better DE than it usually get’s credit for, I’m not saying it was perfect, it needed a lot of work. But the massive amounts of keyboard shortcuts for managing window layouts is something that GNOME3 just does not do as well. Nor does GNOME3 handle virtual desktops as well. Nor does GNOME3 handle switching between windows with the keyboard as well as Unity.

LaTeX is a pretty handy way of writing; I think more people should use it.

Encryption should be used more frequently.

American, Canadian, and the other similar Footballs should be renamed Armpitball. This is because it describes how the game is played better, and it clearly distinguishes between Armpitball and Soccer.

Email Spam is a crime and should carry the death penalty. By fire.

Internet Exploder - Because updating a web browser should require rebooting the computer.

PC stands for Personal Computer or Political Correct. It does not mean a computer that runs Windows. Every computer made by Apple Inc. is a PC, and people need to stop with the marketing driven garbage about “Mac vs. PC.” “Mac vs. Windows” is the correct phrase. Both of y’all, the Mac and the Windows side, keep doing this, and you need to stop.

The Open Records Act should not mean you have to give a spammer all your email addresses just because they asked.

What? Us? Change our website? Pshh. We would never…